Saturday, 26 January 2013

John's toys - measuring bridges!

One of the problems we have encountered in Spain is that the charts do not show drying heights, nor do they show (generally, at least) clearance heights under bridges.  As devoted creek crawlers this is a nuisance, especially as it is very difficult indeed even to get an estimation of the height of a bridge.

However, when I was in Lidl yesterday, I spotted this ultrasonic measuring device (with a built-in laser pointer) for £9.99.  Now, we can go under a bridge in the inflatable and measure the exact clearance, and so have a clear go/no-go call on whether we should attempt to pass under it in the main boat.

The idea is to survey first in the dinghy and then (allowing a safety margin, of course!) to make a call on whether we go up to anchor.  I'll report later on how we get on with it!