Monday, 18 July 2011

Wendy’s Diary 14 July addition – John’s proof that gadgets are worth having!

I think this was on Tuesday...but anyway....we decided to go to the supermarket, which is the best part of a mile away up hill. The folding bikes had been stowed away since the passage down the coast so we unhooked them and I passed them down to the dinghy to take them ashore.  We off-loaded the bikes on a nice wide pontoon, and then John went to tie off the dinghy at the end of the pontoon. I unfolded mine ready for use when some people needed to get by so I moved both bikes closer to the edge...can you guess where this is going now? As John reappeared, somehow I managed to nudge his still-folded bike over the edge, it slid in slow motion and slowly sank out of sight!

May I say at this point that had I been with either of my ex-husbands in this scenario, my anxiety levels would have been through the roof (or in the clouds as we were outside)! So my first thought was I am glad John is my partner and that I have a good relationship with him. J That thought quickly out of the way, and whilst watching the bubbles still coming up, I offered to jump in and try and retrieve it.  John assured me it was too deep and whilst I sat and watched the bubbles John went back to the boat to get the dinghy anchor and....the underwater CCTV!  Just to prove that this was worth the bargain price paid and the space it occupies on the boat.

As John lowered the anchor with the camera attached, the bike appeared through the seaweed on the screen. It only took three attempts to hook onto the bike and pull it back up to the surface. Safely on the pontoon, I rinsed it off in fresh water and finally we were ready with both bikes to head off to the supermarket. We shared a hug of reassurance before setting off. My chain fell off before I started, and then it started to rain...

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