Thursday, 14 July 2011

Wendy's Diary Thursday 14th July

Thursday 14th July
We enjoyed a few peaceful days in Chateaulin including a very nice lunch on the 9th at a local restaurant to celebrate my birthday. We  motor sailed back down the river on 11th, stopped overnight in a tiny peaceful anchorage before setting off out of the Bay of Brest the next morning and sailing down the coast to Audierne. As we left there was virtually no wind and the sun finally made a reappearance so we had a lovely warm start. Later in the day the wind picked up and we had a downwind sail all the way down and past the famous Raz de Sein, one of the most photographed lighthouses around.  I have a framed picture of it that used to hang on the wall at the house and is now in storage.
We arrived in Audierne around 9pm and after the long sail, dropped the anchor and went for a quick drink ashore to celebrate our arrival in John’s favourite harbour in France. Back to the boat and crawl into bed very tired. During the night I awoke to hear shouting and noticed bright lights. I looked closer and saw that we were moving! I woke John up who jumped out in his birthday suit to find out what was going on – a fisherman called that we were not allowed to anchor in the channel – our anchor and come loose and we were drifting along! He quickly sorted things out and moved us back to the anchorage and this time put out two and a bundle more chain to make sure we would be ok. At around 3.30am we settled back down for the night.
On 13th it was a hot sunny day so I did a load of laundry and John set me up with a washing line all around the boat to get everything dry, I quite liked to see the sheets blowing in the breeze, it was very here for photo! We had drinks with another English couple on their boat and swapped notes on favourite places to stay. In the evening we were invited to the Harbour Master’s (Alain) house for drinks and nibbles to celebrate his belated birthday. Just after 10pm we headed back down to the harbour as there was a fireworks display for Bastille Day. We joined another lovely friend Jean-Louis on his boat to watch the display.
Thursday today, a quiet day of “housework” .

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